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Full-Time Program
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September 2, 2016 - June 12, 2017

Advantage Tennis Academy is one of the leading high performance tennis academies in the country, dedicated to meeting the individual needs of each of our students. Our Full-Time Program provides players with the ideal environment to improve their tennis skills under professional coaching while also gaining an exceptional education. Top national and international players train at Advantage Tennis Academy.Our players are among the top juniors, ATP, WTA, and ITF players from around the world. Advantage players come from all continents and backgrounds with one goal in common: becoming the best tennis players they can be.

Our coaches are all top-level ITF, USPTA, and USTA certified professionals. We pride ourselves on hiring only highly-trained, experienced head coaches. Because mentorship and individual training are an integral part of our program, we ensure that all of our coaches possess the leadership and mentoring skills necessary to develop students on an individual level. Our coaches are equipped to handle all kinds of players, with training that meets the needs of each student. Our training program targets seven key aspects of player development, addressing not only the physical elements of training but delving deeper to facilitate growth of the student-athlete on all levels.

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ATA Player

1. Character Development Program
At Advantage Tennis Academy we understand that student development encompasses more than academics and tennis training. We strive to develop student-athletes who will be leaders and role models in their communities. Community service, leadership development, and life management skills are critical elements to our curriculum. By ingraining accountability and a strong moral compass in our players with our Character Development Program, we help prepare them to take on life challenges as they finish up their training at Advantage.

2. Warm-up & Pre-Habilitation
We start everyday with an organized warm-up including dynamic stretching and pre-habilitation for shoulders, back, and hips. During the pre-hab portion, players execute preventive drills with bands, tubes, and exercises that build up key areas to prevent tennis-related injuries. With these drills carried out on a daily basis, our players have been consistently healthier and able to perform at a higher level without injury.

ATA Player

3. On-Court Tennis Training

Brandon fallonOrganization is the key to player development. Our high performance program is uniquely effective because we are organized, cover the full development of a player, and keep consistent, high expectations. Our system is based on strong fundamentals in stroke production, footwork, mental training, and work ethic. We have systems in place to help players develop more efficient swings, learn how to move more explosively, and cultivate fundamental skills in our group workout.

Brandon Fallon, Full-Time Program Director

Our program is designed to help players develop a full-court game. Advantage players learn to hit a kick serve, return big serves, volley, take the ball on the rise, hit with net clearance, slice, move forward to short balls, and consistently work on hitting a better and better ball. Because developing all parts of the game is a key aspect of our workout, we help students master each specific element of the game before moving on.

Obtaining the winning edge comes from playing hundreds of sets–our players have the advantage of competing with a wide variety of players. Advantage works on serve and return more than any other academy. Because 70% of tennis is played within the first three shots of all rallies, players at Advantage Tennis Academy spend a significant amount of time each day specifically working on serve and return without points. By mastering the technical aspects involved, players develop a better serve and return overall. At Advantage Tennis Academy mastery is the goal. All of our on-court training promotes a mastery mindset.

Jimmy George

4. PPM – Player Performance Management
Advantage offers a unique Player Performance Management System PPM* in which players are assigned coaches to meet with them one-on-one weekly and provide individualized evaluation and support. The coach manages the player’s customized tournament schedule, reviews developmental plans and progress, helps the player set performance goals for the week, and gives the player an individual plan and review. Players are responsible for updating their match evaluations, practice match log, and performance goals for practice and match play through our online system. This fosters a collaborative environment, with coaches, parents, and players monitoring players’ login and progress on their evaluation sheets. Our PPM system gets results because players are mentored individually and allowed to take an active part in their own development.

*PPM: Our Player Performance Management system ensures that students are mentored on an individual level. Players meet weekly with coaches on a weekly basis to set performance goals and evaluate progress and development.

5. Mental Toughness Training
Our mental toughness training is designed to enhance the performance of our athletes in both day-to-day training and competition settings. All of our mental toughness training is followed up on the court to ensure that our players learn to implement mental tactics during real game play. We help our students develop a competitive mindset and winning attitude so they are able to perform at their fullest potential in all situations. In our mental training, we get results by shifting the focus away from the outcome and instead teach our students to focus on the process. We promote an integration of 3 key components: preparation, attitude, and performance. With this effective combination, players are able to perform at a higher level and get results.

6. Fitness & Movement Training
Fitness is a top priority at Advantage. After going through our strenuous, research-based fitness program, players are stronger, fitter, faster, and have more endurance. Our fitness staff understands the movements involved in tennis and designs every workout with the tennis athlete in mind. We incorporate medicine ball, weights, plyometrics, agility work, and plain old grueling fitness in a program that is tennis-specific and tough. We have one of the most comprehensive footwork, recovery, and first step development programs available. Our program involves situational footwork at the beginning of every workout. We develop explosive recovery, athletic base, drop step, and lateral movement within the five-day program. Our programming is consistent and we believe the player should master footwork and drills before proceeding to the next level. We coach our students to perform drills with the same focus and energy they would employ during tournament matches.

7. Tournament Travel
Southern California offers a rigorous schedule of tournaments for students to participate in during their training at Advantage. On average, we travel to 20 local tournaments and 12 national tournaments per year.

Advantage players usually travel as a group for tournaments–our tournament travel group feels and acts like a team. Our tournament coaching is among the top learning sections of our Academy. Our generous, year-round tournament schedule helps students gain the experience they need to become tournament-tough. All Advantage players are matched with a tournament schedule that fits their individual needs–whether it’s ITF level tournaments, national level events, or top level sectional events, players will find tournaments that push them to the next level.


Our teachers are passionate about the academic and personal growth of each student. They provide accredited education to Advantage students, with a highly effective combination of online resources and face-to-face instruction. The Advantage Learning Academy provides a blended learning* environment utilizing an award-winning curriculum for middle school and high school students. ALA's on-site credentialed teachers provide a challenging and fun environment that enables students to maximize their learning experience. We offer 300 courses that are fully accredited and NCAA approved.

Our high school and middle school curriculum includes:

  • Over 300 different high-performance technology-based courses designed to stimulate and motivate students to excel at their own pace
  • Advanced Placement and Honors classes for high school students
  • Accredited courses taught by California credentialed teachers
  • Blended learning environment, which provides optimal time for one-on-one instruction
  • Private tutoring for advanced or struggling students
  • Flexibility to work with local (Irvine) or home-based independent study programs
  • Ability to work with a variety of top online schools (Connection Academy, Laurel Springs, BYU, etc.)
  • Ability for students to continue coursework while traveling
  • A college-centric and family value based environment
  • Cultural experiences, field trips, and other enrichment activities to foster student development in all areas

* Blended learning is a teaching strategy that combines online and classroom learning activities and resources to reduce in-class seat time for students in a face-to-face environment. It’s the growing trend for university studies and very effective for college preparatory learning.

For Full-Time pricing packages, please visit our Tuition & Fees page.

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