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Why Advantage?

ATA is truly an academy in every scope of the word. We are the only true “Full-time Academy” from Los Angeles to San Diego area that truly provides “Comprehensive” training all under one roof. Our Program has 100% college placement and has the best record in improving players from 3 to 5 Star recognition. Organizing a full developmental plan including training, privates, groups, fitness, nutrition, match play, goal setting, tournaments, mental training, mentoring and more is a full time job for any parent. Let the dedicated and experienced staff professionals of ATA to do it for you and allow you to embrace the journey. Spend your energy on support, healthy interactions and establishing a great platform of personal growth for your child. We help dreams come true & we take great pride in being afforded that opportunity!
  • No substitute for “Matchplay” experience!  Not only does Southern California provide a large number of tournaments within a short drive where the players get exposed to some of the greatest junior players in the US; ATA provides weekly analyzed/monitored match play and sets, providing players for plenty of opportunities to compete under pressure induced UTR ladders or no-pressure, skill building practice sets.
  • Time Management – Productivity.  All under one roof – less wasted time. Having a daily structured schedule allows players to balance and allocate enough time in each aspect of their day for Academics, Training, Competition and down time. This allows them to take full advantage of their day and succeed as student-athletes.
  • Mentoring - we believe in building character and our ATA mentor program focuses on establishing proper habits, managing time, dealing with anxieties and goal setting. Interactive meetings and weekly correspondences with one of the ATA Tennis Professionals establishes a line of communication for our student athletes to voice their concerns, thoughts and experiences. Helping players grow emotionally and personally.
  • Periodization training and customized tournament plans based around each individuals needs.  Players are different ages, have different goals, are at different development stages and therefore their sense of urgency differs from one another.  We identify three stages in their training and customize accordingly; Training & Development Stage, Transition Stage (Pre-Competition) and Peak Performance (Competition). 
  • “Player ’s Entourage” To succeed in an individual sport like tennis, it is important to create a support team around each player.  The support team has common goals with players and each team member has a different role that is integral to their development.  Players learn that when they compete they are not only representing themselves but their team.  The team includes but not limited to a Head Coach, Hitting Coach, Fitness Coach, Mental Coach, peers, academic advisors, NCAA compliance and of course, Parents.  This builds confidence in players, motivates them and empowers them to “Get Results”
  • “Student Athlete”  Student first and athlete second.  Players understand that to reach their true potential they must strive to succeed in every aspect of their lives.  Success in Academics is directly correlated to success on the court.  Staying on track and doing well in academics allows the players to better focus on their tennis training.  This is how players reach their true potential whether they choose College Tennis or a Pro Career.

  • Team Concept:  Tennis is an individual sport.  Makes it very lonely sport at times and this creates fatigue and burn out in players.  At Advantage players are surrounded by like minded individuals with desire to improve on a daily basis.  Players motivate each other in training and support each other in Competition. At ATA we are aware and focused upon maintaining players passions for the sport. With that, the burn-out chances are limited and the players can be truly pushed to their potential.
  • Tournament Travel Teams:  Players are guided through proper warm ups, training sessions, healthy eating, cool downs, pre-match mental preparation and post match analysis/reviews.  Training sessions and match arranging held for players out of competition. We offer travel to local SoCal tournaments as well as the larger well known events such as Orange Bowl, Eddie Herr & ITF’s throughout the year.
  • Academic Pathways for top Colleges and Universities.  A hybrid learning environment with academic options depending on the needs/goals of each individual.  NCAA Clearing. California State Schools, Private Colleges, Ivy League … Rest assured and know you have the proper direction and support to maintain eligibility. Do not get caught losing out on your scholarship because you did not take the right course or fill out the appropriate applications! No substitute for experienced know how and the vital established connections ATA has created over the years.
  • 100% College Placement Rate.  We not only take pride placing our students in a variety of top schools around the country, but we also place them in the best fit school for each individual.  We manage each players college placement process and assist in obtaining the best possible college that meets their tennis and academic goals.  We set up visits and negotiate scholarships on behalf of our players.  “Parents… it is not worth the stress to do this on your own.” We work hard to get you to the “right” fit and due to our access, we are able to get our players into elevated programs than their UTR or Tennisrecruiting would indicate otherwise. Nothing better than testimonials, honest conversations and ATA endorsements.
  • TOTAL Fitness:  Group fitness training and customized plans for each individual following their assessments.  Players undergo multiple fitness tests periodically to assess their strengths and weaknesses, create customized plan and monitor progress and injury prevention.   These tests include but not limited to; Functional Movement Screening, Power & Explosiveness, and Cardio/Interval “Breathing” Tests to determine and improve recovery time
  • On-Site Sports Injury Specialists.  Aches and pains are part of competitive sports.  Sports injury prevention sessions help students establish habits to prevent, understand and rehab minor injuries. Weekly, Pre-hab sessions ensure that students are performing proper dynamic warm-ups, rolling out soreness, and develop proper recovery habits.
  • Coaches Continuous Education & Training Sessions.  Our coaches operate as a team with common goals to make ATA the best training environment in the world.  It is a blessing for players to be able to gain knowledge and be coached by multiple coaches with different backgrounds as part of their training.  Our Coaches training ensures that our coaches are on common ground with our philosophy and when communicating with players.  We are passionate about the coaching we provide and it motivates the players to push themselves and get the most out of their experience.