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College Placement Program

Congrats to Class of 2017
Class of 2017 College Placements
Mary Profit University of Arizona
Harry Cohen Coastal Carolina University
Alex Reyna USD
Flora Amiri UCI
Sydney Van Alphen USC
Mo Aziz Rice University
Vasilisa Chapman University
Halla Al Ajeely Irvine Valley College
Yipare Abdureheman Concordia University
Simon Foricher  
William Li San Diego State University
Stas Nepomnyashciy La Salle University
Class of 2016 College Placements
Gui Gomes Univeristy of Illinois
Alyssa Rudin University of Chicago
Rj Parker University of Utah
Constance branstine Texas A&M University
Hudson Graf Carnegie Mellon
Kwins Yang Carnegie Mellon
Nancy Fawzy Virginia Tech
Cassie Mckenzie St. Louis University
Garret Vincent BYU
Ann Selim Oklahoma University


We have the best connections to college coaches, both Men’s and Women’s, of any program or college recruitment company in the industry. We have placed players of all levels in the best college and with the best scholarship they can achieve. We have helped a wide range of levels and players find a good fit for their tennis, academics, and location needs.

"ATA students are prepared from the very first day they step out on the court of an elite collegiate program. They have the strength, knowledge, and skills to navigate the raging waters of collegiate tennis, and they're prepared to step up and compete at a higher level."

Greg Patton, Head Tennis Coach at Boise State University

At ATA, we pride ourselves in maintaining an exceptional college placement program which helps students achieve both educational and athletic goals.

Our program provides the best college preparation because we focus on developing our players as a whole. Our top priorities are character development, self-discipline, academics, and tennis. Teaching players how to appropriately balance their athletic, academic, and personal lives gives them the tools they need to succeed in the college environment.

Advantage Learning Academy provides high school students an accredited college preparatory education, with education options through Connections Academy or the Irvine Unified School District's independent study programs.

With our focus on character development, high performance tennis training, and rigorous academic requirements, students leave our academy fully prepared for college. Our players have been admitted to top universities and colleges throughout the country, including: UCLA, Dartmouth, UC Irvine, Rice, Gonzaga, Loyola Marymount University, San Diego State University, Brigham Young University, Arizona State, University of Florida, University of Texas, Air Force Academy, Yale University, University of Michigan, Texas A&M, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Brown University, Northwestern, Amherst, University of New Mexico, and many others!

College Placement features

  1. 100% College placement success rate.
  2. Full college placement program starting at grade 10. Weekly meetings & workshops. 
  3. NCAA clearinghouse assistance, transcript retrieval help, SAT, and Toefl
  4. Coordination of official & non official College visits
  5. Former college coaches as directors of the college placement program.
  6. College tennis recruit video and tournament match video packages
  7. College showcase events throughout the year
  8. Open access and frequent visits from college coaches to the facility.  Coaches from (pac 12, big 12, sec, acc, big 10). Coaches from D2, d3, NAIA and Junior College options as well.
  9. Year round College Coach – Speakers & workshops
  10. Complete college placement portfolio for optimum recruitment

"While training at Advantage Tennis Academy, I felt like I was more efficient with my time on the court and in the classroom than at any other academy. Being able to study using K12's online curriculum along with the help of the teachers at Advantage Learning Academy, I was really able to succeed. Because of the time I spent at Advantage, I feel fully prepared to play college tennis in the Ivy League next fall."

Advantage Alum Erik Nordahl, accepted to Dartmouth University for Fall 2012